Fuck StackOverflow users who edit their question to include your answer.

Q: How to do X?
A: You need to init the Flufloxinator.

Q: How to do X? I've tried with a Flufloxinator but couldn't get it to work.
A: You need to init the Flufloxinator. Here's a fully working demo (pulled directly from the docs you clearly didn't read.)

Q: How to do X? Nevermind, I just had to init the Flufloxinator.

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    damn i hate it when i forget to init my flufloxinator, even worse than writing a constructor for the wabbledamler
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    Why do these have this problem. Mine are solved with mine usb-fluxcompensator dongle.
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    Did you pull the dinglebobble out of your angularfloopenhole.

    Ya but now its doing xyz instead of abc

    Thats a step in the right direction.

    I put the dinglebobble back.

    Slaps face
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    These JavaScript library names are getting out of hand.
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    @skprog You must have used a lot of patches. I only know of the circularfloopenhole. It does not matter what gorgeous input it gets from higher levels it always outputs a steaming pile of crap.
    You do NOT want to try and put that back...

    Edit: Also, please don't slap it on your face 🤢
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    ...and, although funny, this is what comes from using a nonsensical word instead of something like Library Y or Framework Z...
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    @masterdoctor at least it goes both ways...

    @Flygger Woot there there is no actual framework called Z yet?
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    .. And then they don't even bother to accept an answer.
    Fucking dimwits.
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    @evilmupp3t That's just it. They pretend that your answer isn't even there and that they somehow solved the problem unaided.
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