Just turned down an offer to become eCommerce Lead @IKEA Austria.

They got those messed up systems controlled by the headquarters in sweden and no clue of or sense for online or digitalisation...how I'm supposed to fix their organization culture... I'd only had freaked everybody out trying to disrupt their 'used' way of doing business :(

Wondering if that's gonna haunt me...

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    I'm in a similar situation but in a smaller dimension. Totally old fashioned way of developing etc. Every time I try to start a discussion about something "new" I get a "(Don't) tell me more" stare. Absolutely demotivating. And this is just in my own team.
    Don't think you going to regret your decision.
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    That is a big time turndown. You sure?
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    yeah quite sure... I've been browsing their site, thinking 'where the f..k is the online shop?'
    then I realized I'm already there :P
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