I regret now, for things that I missed in childhood.
Like Bitcoin

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    4ish years ago I was so happy I made like 30 bucks from selling a bitcoin I had bought when the silk road scandal had occured....
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    I was like, should I spend my last dollar on one of the very first asic rigs... naaaa 😔
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    @Condor it's valuable but yeah bubble to. But it will exist
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    @Condor no matter happens, there are always going to be miners who won’t stop and there’s a HUGE bunch of them who definitely won’t.

    Bitcoin is too big to fail (Even the Winklevoss twins are on it)

    The only problem I see with crypto currencies is the government and banks.. and if they start banning them then that’s when we will see the true power of people when dApps will prevail with the onset of Blockchain and the IPFS
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    @Condor I’ve wondered the same thing. I think there was a plan for that but I still don’t get it clearly. That’s where some other coins are superior because they fixed the limitations that bitcoin has.
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    @Condor Well the rewards will decrease as the value of bitcoin increases.. So maybe some miners will drop out along the way.. but a lot of them are gonna stay
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    @Condor Complexity is coupled to hashrate I believe, so shrinking amount of miners would automatically make it more appealing to mine again.

    The real problem, I think, is transaction fee and transaction (verification) speed.

    With high fees and slow speeds, no one will use it as a currency for everyday transactions.
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