Windows: I have updates, please pick an option:
* Update and shut down
* Update and reboot

Me: Ok, update and shut down

Windows: Updates and reboots

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    Why would anybody use the pile of steaming crap that is windows just use Linux
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    @connormon Games. Thats’s the only reason.
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    Did it shut down eventually? It's supposed to reboot as many times as needed for the updates so it doesn't need to reboot when you boot it up the next time.
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    @Nanos Thanks to Valve (more specifically Proton, SteamVR for Linux and the Steam Deck) most of them work.
    A lot of Steam games get day one Support via Proton

    check out
    this website is quite interesting in general for linux gamers.
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    It reboots the first time then it's going to shut down eventually
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    @electrineer exactly, but than it doesn't fit the rants against MS are cool narrative... otherwise how couldd we not get the classic comment "but but windows sucks, switch to Linux"
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    @electrineer @daniel-wu
    It didn’t. It just booted up and was done with it. I had to shut down manually.
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    @Lensflare not only games.
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    @iiii you're right, it's also useful for downloading a linux iso
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    My favourite is when it decides to update in the middle of the night, but still needs the bitlocker key on reboot, so you wake up in the morning to try and with on a half-updated shit box of a computer
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    would you like to get fucked by a megacompany:

    yes | yes.
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