Ticket: This API param doesn’t work.
Ticket Size: 1 story point / extra small baby fries

Found the issue almost immediately: some fucked up date math. Or at least backwards as hell. I don’t know. I don’t care.

There’s no spec for it, and writing it is a bitch. None of the API test helpers are designed for end-to-end tests. Why? I don’t care. They’re stupid. They all just break. And the API does weird shit like fucking redirects to an HTML page. Which is… i don’t know. They mix up API and embedded sessions a bunch, so who knows if this is right or broken as fuck.

I can’t deal with this shit anymore.
It’s just mountains of fucking garbage. Every time I dig into anything, anywhere in this codebase, or, let’s be honest: the entire goddamn company, it’s just more fucking garbage. The code is garbage. The specs are garbage. The people are garbage. The woke crap they love so much is garbage. The industry is garbage. The macs we’re required to use are garbage. The strongly-encouraged editor is garbage. The new hires are garbage. The legendary devs are garbage. The VPN is garbage — still haven’t gotten it to fucking work outside of fucking Safari, which is also garbage. The meetings are garbage. The “culture” is garbage. The “raises” are garbage. The thirty-step dance ceremony for each ticket is garbage. The literal fucking garbage at the office is the best part of the entire goddamn landfill.

And yeah, over half of the code that’s been giving me problems on this ticket was written by the same dev: The legendary golden garbage boy himself.

Fucking hell.

I’m going back to looking for work again. I can’t do this anymore.

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    If you do end up leaving, put all this in your exit interview
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    Can't rulebook your way out of bad faith maybe 🤔
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    It's garbage all the way down!
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    Finally, it was about damn time you left that horrible place.

    That being said, I wish you all the best of luck in finding a proper job with the culture, quality and benefits you deserve.

    Sidenote, if I were to elevate my company and the products I'm working on to more than just a one man show, I would definitely hire you.
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    @NeatNerdPrime Why thank you! ^^
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    @fatenuller mwah, what's the point of doing that
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    The thirty what for each ticket
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    @myss All of the steps and ceremony around taking a ticket to completion and release. I’ll write it out at some point
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    I feel this OP ♥️
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    The patch ended up being 3 lines of code changes, and 99 lines of specs and spec support for two test cases.

    Needed to pair with others three times on said specs, and amusingly everyone was lost and confused every time because the codebase is so poor.

    I’d call it a nightmare if I wasn’t so burned out.
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