I got an interview at top company like Amazon. I heard the mangment and work place is brutal. as an entry level dev should I still accept the job if I get it?

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    One aspect of Amazon culture that turns many people off is the constant emphasis on frugality.

    Your offer (probably) comes with a lot of stock, but it won't vest for two years.

    It's a place where employees are asked to harshly critique their peers, and those suffering personal crises are often pushed out of their positions.

    If you need the job, take it, if you have alternatives, f*ck Amazon.
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    @xociety - I forgot to add. If you love the hunger games, this will be your favorite workplace. You'll feel sucked into a real life version of the hunger games during your personal reviews with your manager.
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    I mean my current job is bad..but it's durable. so I might just wait and research some other companies. I rather be unhappy then miserable.
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    Haven't worked there, but friends have said that it really depends on the manager and the team dynamic. So really interview the manager youd be working under if you can
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    I can vouch for whats being said. I had an relatives' friend work at Amazon and he said it was hell. They pressure you to work over hours and your peers fire you 2-3 years in.

    Thats just the beginning.

    Depend on if you really need it before considering. But thats just my advice.
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