The world needs to know the truth

Have to make a separate rant for this cause it deserves to be outlined and for the whole world to know the truth about my junkhole trash country Serbia (europe)

$1000 usd is 6 figures in my currency.

In economy schools they said

If you earn $1200/month usd in serbia you are in TOP 3% of highest earners

If you earn $2500/month usd in serbia you are in TOP 1% of highest earners

This must mean that i am now in TOP what 10% of highest earners in my country?

A bearly over 10,000$ usd a year, is TOP 10% of earners in Serbia. And i have to work 2 or perhaps 3 dev jobs as 1 person to be fortunate enough to be in those TOP 10%

And every day i keep seeing multiple 5 figure and 6 figure USD expensive cars, lambos ferraris brabus g wagons audi rs7 mercedes s class (2023) porsches, and when I say porsches people here LOVE porsches so much more than any other fucking car that porsche has became the most common car here that people drive! A used Porsche is at minimum 80,000$ usd!!! Thats 8+ years working my job, assuming im not spending 1 single cent, just to buy a used porsche, while hundreds of people drive them daily!!!!

My neighbor sold his mercedes s class and bought a GLS AMG 2023 brand new for over 225,000 fucking $!!!! Thats over 225 YEARS OF MY LIFE working this matrix job without spending a cent to buy that car. This is fucking RIDICULOUS

The world HAS to know the truth about corruption and slavery happening in Serbia. I will be the voice of truth that shall not be silenced. Anyone claiming otherwise is working for one of these corrupted shitfucks.

Incredible how corruption and unfairness sets you free out of the box than playing the matrix game. Unreal to me. I knew it was bad but i never knew it was THIS bad

If I was earning a normal wage salary i wouldnt be complaining. A normal wage salary for me is at minimum 100k a year. Or if i have to be generous then high end of 5 figures. Thats the only way to afford to buy one of these cars. Because how else do these fucking people buy them? Obviously not by working a matrix job

If you think i have unrealistic expectations then you need to unfuck your mind and realize that we are working a VERY difficult fucking job in this tech industry, SO difficult that a 100k should be the fucking minimum. Out of sheer respect towards this EXTREME HARD WORK, we DESERVE to get a high compensation in return -- not a fucking survival slavery wage salary bullshit! The moment you realize that you're underpaid if you earn less than 100k as a software engineer, is the moment you have unfucked your mind and now you have found the truth!

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    sorry, but - a "hard job" is hauling trash cans, digging for ore, or construction work.

    what you mean is _specialised_ work. there's a difference.
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    @tosensei a "hard" job does not only mean when you do something physically difficult. But also mentally.

    The mental pressure of doing our tech jobs is equivalent to the physical pressure of a bodybuilder lifting 500 kg of weight

    One pressure is physical

    The other pressure is mental

    Both are equivalent

    Both have the same outcome, just different input

    Both are the same bullshit

    2 + 3 = 5

    4 + 1 = 5

    Therefore we deserve a high salary and not a bullshit slave wage money!
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    @b2plane i agree with the outcome of your thinking, but strongly disagree with the route you took there.

    salary should mostly be coupled with usefulness of a job. sanitation workers, for example, oughta earn much more than marketing experts. without the former, cities would be unlivable within days. without the latter, our media landscape would be much better all around.
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    @tosensei do you know anyone in europe who earns at least 100k usd from a matrix 9-5 job? I personally know nobody. That salary is only common in america. It feels like whoever works in tech and whatever salary you have even if its bullshit you still earn more than me in america!

    I don't care if the costs of living are high. A 5000$ salary in california after tons of expenses you would have 2000$ leftover!

    While i with my 900$ after all expenses I'd have 50$ leftover, if even that!

    See the difference?

    Costs in my country are lower, sure. But the leftover is at least 20x lower too!

    Do you think a car payment is gonna go down just because my country earns shit salary?

    No. The car costs the same everywhere. In the matter of fact a car costs MORE in my country (who earns less) than in america (who earns more)! Absolutely ridiculous

    When people can't believe how come i am 26 and cant afford my first car it depresses me so deeply because i know im being exploited as a slave
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    @b2plane sooo.. your point is that the global economy we have today, which was built on colonialism and unregulated capitalism, is bad, because you have very low chances of being one of The Top Capitalists?
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    People have those expensive cars because they take out loans, they don't actually pay upfront. At least in the Western world. Lots of people just pretend to be rich but they're paying double the interest of the price of the item, sometimes more, just saddled with debt

    Sometimes I also see people with "a business" have the business buy the car, so they don't have to pay taxes (you are taxed on revenue, buy a fancy car and no revenue to tax). Which can be a good investment because for some luxury cars I hear they sell for more over time because collectors want them
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    A 2 bedroom apartment in san Fransisco (where the tech jobs are) is $4000/mth.

    $1000 does not cover transportation, food, power, internet, cellphone, insurance, and whatever else I'm forgetting. If you made $5k/mth there, you would starve or be homeless.
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    @lungdart 5k was a random ass example. Theres a guy on tiktok constantly bragging how he earns 171k in bay area working just in java and python. His expenses are 5.5k a month and he keeps the rest of the money which is a HUGE chunk if you would agree. He gets to keep that after all expenses every month and i couldnt even earn that before expenses in a whole year
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    Yeah that guy is raking it in.
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    @lungdart can u confirm if he's bullshitting or really could be earning 171k?


    Unreal to me that he only uses java and python and gets paid that much. For what
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    It's absolutely possible. Many here make more than that. It's not uncommon to see senior positions paying more than 200k USD/yr.

    And with remote work, you're no longer tied to the high cost of living areas.
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    @tosensei it’s good if I get to benefit, bad if I get screwed 👌
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    You and @jestdotty should get a room. Both of your cringe personalities match each other's.
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    @Nanos be born in usa to get 300k
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    @Nanos none
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    @Nanos where can i sell my software? Any site for rich old men to buy it from?

    I only know 1 multimillionaire businessman in my country. I pitched him a mobile app idea in December 2018. Within 5 minutes of presentation he found the idea so genius he wanted to invest 200k$ into it. I'll present him this software also
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    @Nanos the guy preordered a penthouse in a building that isn't even done with construction yet, merged a couple of apartments allat for 1.5m euros
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    Hey neighbor, I know the situation in Serbia, it's a bit better here, but still sucks when you give around 50% to the state.

    I had remote jobs before but personally I don't know anyone from Europe being close to €100k/year.

    Here you can get around 50k at most as senior with a lot of responsibilities, but remember that almost half of that goes to the country.
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