I was at a college career fair and had a list of 20 booths to visit. There were maybe a thousand other applicants. I was the only one in pink (technically coral) shoes. I'd walked four miles in those heels and had blisters everywhere I could from them.

At my last booth, the guy says "Oh! Pink shoes! I've been noticing them all day! Nice to meet you, I'm X." I gave him my background and resume, talked about the kinds of problems I wanted to solve and was invited to interview with them.

On my way home, I walked barefoot through downtown despite the ice on the sidewalks just to get out of those damn shoes.

A few weeks later, I got the job.

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    I was hiring for a position at my company. I had whittled the list down to 2 guys, both did really well in previous interviews. I set up a second interview for each of them. One guy was 15 minutes late, the other guy walked through the rain using his resume as an umbrella, on time.
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    Pink is cool 😎
    Poor feet...
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    @gorsamp Which got the job?
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    @jhh2450 the rain man of course
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    @gorsamp @jhh2450 Which got the job?
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    @PonySlaystation I think I've got that one covered now. Lol

    If I can convince devRant to let me have blue hair, I don't think an employer will be an issue. 🤣
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