Smart windows
- {turnoff.us}

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    @byte-me @byte-you
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    @gitpull you called??
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    @byte-me, nope. I did summon you!
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    They keep pushing this ai shit, maybe..just maybe some people just don't want it?
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    @gitpull whoa whoa whoa there!

    I might just cast you into the eye of the darkest abyss and you might never see light of day again.
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    @irene lol, thanks 😁

    Enough with the bite jokes already!!
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    @byte-me I am Coming outta there dw ;)
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    "Washington GET"

    I lost my shit with that!
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    I remember when I got my XPS 13 I just booted it and was doing that startup thing of windows 10 then it was taking too long (preparing my desktop or whatever) so I just shut it down with the power button, wiped the partitions and installed Linux.
    I felt very cool.
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