Like any frontend dev working in an organisation, all of what I do are "designed" by an UX/UI designer. Now he fucking has a problem with me and has been going around saying he's gonna resign because of me. (Apparently he said that while walking away from where I was with the intention of it falling in my ears but I was oblivious to it).

On enquiring (to another colleague)why he has a problem with me he said I don't respect him. Perplexed(more curious), I asked what is it that I do to disrespect him and what I found out was out of the world.


Awesome, right? Not only does he consider that disrespect but he also takes it personally. WTH?! I'm not supposed to ask why you do a certain things?

Some of my questions -
1. Why are there font sizes of 13px, 14px, 15px right next to each other?
2. Why is there a gap between the sidebar and the content?
3. Why aren't even sizes being used?

So much for maturity. He's completely ignoring me, be it on the floor or during meetings. I couldn't care less. It wouldn't take me much to tell him where he's fucking up. The only reason I asked him questions was to understand things better; maybe I don't understand what I find wrong.
But now ~(˘▾˘)~

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    Really? Asking this type of questions make him mad ....
    I never knew you work in kindergarden
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    Next time ask only appropriate questions, like
    "why are you suck a bitch?"
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    if he’s making those kinds of errors, he obviously needs someone above him to check the integrity of his work. This kind of sloppy work is unacceptable from a design “professional”. Take your findings to his superiors if he is unable to communicate in anything other than a childish sap head manner. keep up the good work!...and let the cunt resign.
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    That’s the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard. What an idiot.
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