Guys who "can't get girls"… treat women like people, like, you know, like they're… humans? Because that's what they are?
Once I gave up on trying to give girls special treatment, I got a lot of attention. This goes both ways, no matter if you hate them/worship them. I was desperate, I gave up, I dropped my facade, and I went into my first relationship. I was never without a partner since I was sixteen. Partners kinda overlapped, and when I knew I was going to end a relationship, magically, another relationship emerged out of nowhere.
The only time I wasn't in one was after my ex left me when I was at the lowest point of my depression. I took two weeks off, looked for a partner more meaningfully, and boom, we're together for I don't know how long, we're in a polyamorous relationship, we never had a fight ever.

Overall, my number one advice is you should stop giving women special treatment psychologically. Talk to them just the way you talk to your friends at the bar, or to any person you're not sexually interested in. You being horny ruins everything.

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    tldr: being horny ruins everything
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    I have fun with being horny. It's the only reason I got rizz.
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    Also, I thought this was dotenvironment posting this
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    Somehow I feel more confident chatting to gals than guys... If I had to choose a company for the day, I'd pick a girl.

    Usually I've got nothing to talk about with guys. Idk why. Most seem either too dull or too verbose.
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