I just quit. And retired early.

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    in THIS economy?
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    He sold his bags of Chainlink probably.
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    @SidTheITGuy I know. And I'm living in another country with a housing crisis. What am I thinking?
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    @NeatNerdPrime I wish but nah.
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    @fruitfcker why and how, in which country
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    I wish I could do that but bills gotta be paid unfortunately
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    How old are you?

    How many years have you worked?

    For reference, I plan to retire/semi-retire at 45.
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    this mf already retired, doesnt answer any questions ;)))
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    @mansur85 apologies. Timezones and all that. I was born in the Philippines but now living in Australia. As for the why & how, I'm 50 and I've been working at my soon to be former employer (in the Philippines) for 15 years. I'm eligible for early retirement and will hopefully get 100% base-salary multiplied by 15 years. In Philippine currency, it's not big so I'm looking for ways to invest it. Or get a new job. Or keep playing Dead Cells.
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    @cho-uc That is a good retiring age. My only regret is not having to travel more when I was younger. Mentally, my life would've been better. I envy those digital nomads, getting shit done in the morning, swim or hike after, then get more done after.
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    @fruitfcker very nice! congratulations! you managed to reach retirement age after so many years of work!
    Do you have any suggestions on what to invest money in? I live in another country in Europe but I'm curious
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    @gitstashio I am still thinking. I know nothing about the AU market. It's both exciting and scary. The possibility of failure is high.
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    Congratulations, @fruitfcker
    Have a great time off =)
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