To all Juniors here(myself included):

If you ever feel discouraged just remember that a few thousand irrelavant mongolian horse nomads managed to conquer half of the known world in less than a hundred years, destroying countless empires and cultures far more sophisticated than their own using nothing but their wits and their brutal willpower.

If they could build a realm from Korea to Poland usibg horses, you can build some software using keyboards.

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    I like your style bro

    **digital fist bump**
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    Thanks this is very motivating ! I'm sure this will help lots of people (me included)
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    This is going to my favorites
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    This will help me to give today's exam thanx bro
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    for some reason I don't find destroying cultures very motivating
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    They offered fair treatment to towns that joined, they convinced just as much as they conquered...

    Let's think instead about the orangutan that believed was human and got to president.
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    Well. And they were able to put an arrow through your eyesocket while riding a horse, so.. .
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    Nice one!
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