My last school used my SSN as the default account password.
Just to test, I used the “forgot password” functionality, and they sent me my SSN over clear text.

As a developer, I see that as 2 mortal sins 😡

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    What the fuck is your school on? Because that's some strong ass shit and I would love to try it.
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    Today on how school can fuck you up for the rest of your life...
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    That's stupid.
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    They are preparing you for the shitstorm that might come in the future.
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    Being a non-american, I understand that your social security number is something that you want to keep to yourself?
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    You can steal someones entire life, and literally impersonate them, if you have that number and know what you're doing.
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    My highschool would use our student number as our username AND password until the user first logged in and changed it. You could also open some program (can't remember the name) "hidden" in the C drive, that let you see all of the accounts and their associated student/staff numbers of everyone in the district. Always thought about changing hundreds of passwords at the beginning of the school year to expose this.

    Glad I never did though lol.
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    You don't even need to be a dev to understand that that is just flat out wrong wtf
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    The state where I used to live used to set your driver's license number to your SSN, unless you opted not to. Most people did not avail themselves of said option, though I did.

    They don't do that anymore.
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    @bahua dear lord 😳
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    @Cyanite Don't give him those ideas! Lol
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    @bahua But back then they had super air tight security when applying for credit. You had to know your mother's maiden name. That is uncrackable, my friend. Lol
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