Hmm, I find it highly peculiar that I let a friend borrow my pc to watch stranger things on Netflix, with her account.

I signed her into the guest account, she picked Google Chrome (not signed in).

Now my Facebook feed and YouTube adds are all about stranger things..

I get the ip gets logged & mapped.. But srsly.

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    @Alice sure. It's not the show I'm concerned about.

    It's the fact that suddenly it's all over my feed.

    I would understand if it wasn't my Netflix account or even my Google account on the browser.
    But that's the thing, it wasn't.

    Which is why I find it peculiar I get associated with it.

    Maybe just a bit paranoid, but in theory if i were to walk by a public wifi that my device for whatever reason connects to and somebody on that network browsed something shady that Google knows about.. Wouldn't everybody signed in, on that network suddenly get associated?
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    @linuxxx ^this probably right up your alley :p
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    This doesn't happen to me when my sister uses my computer on chrome.
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    It happens on different devices in the same wlan.

    I'm quite paranoid when it comes to adds and tracking, my addons kill it all. So the only data available for people in my network is what my gf browses and Youtube adapts it.

    "So, you've been listening to artist xyz a lot these days"
    "How do you know?"
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    I've seen stranger things 😃

    Like purchasing a drone on amazon and then be stalked with ads for THAT SPECIFIC DRONE ON AMAZON for about a year and a half 😭
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