Game reviews on Steam are now like, “Not recommended. Seemed like a good game, but the story is linear and there’s really nothing to do.” …with approximately 180hrs of playtime on record for a $25 game.

Do us all a favor and please continue to stare at your phone while walking into oncoming traffic.

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    I guess sometimes you really like a game but know others won’t.
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    i have a friend like that. if you ask him what he thinks about the game he has 800+ hours in, he’ll tell you it’s shit and also the worst thing ever made
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    I mostly see "nobody is going to see this I'm gay" reviews mixed with "in a dad and this is the only thing connect me and my son", and some other shit that is always the same...
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    I played one game over 1k hours and I would not recommend it

    First of all about 30% or more of that time was spent downloading updates and I'm not even kidding it was probably more

    And the reason why I played so many hours is I kept waiting for the game to get good but it just simply never did

    It had tons of content, I assumed some of the content would be good, but none of the content was ever good so I would just go somewhere else in the game to sample more content. Repeat.

    Some games you play 7 hours in a sitting and you regret none of that 30$ you spent. Others you spend 5$ and played 300 hours and what have you done with your life seriously why

    I don't think butts in seats means you like something, otherwise all humans love their jobs more than their wives/husbands you know
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    I honestly like the short games which can be completed in several evenings over those dragged out long as fuck games
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    Ventured into a few MMO mobile games over the past year and they usually keep me engaged for a month or 2. But then the pace gradually slows down until you are forced to pay to ease the grind or quit. And you discover there's whole clans of players who have found a way to rig the game in their favor or make money out of it by building up progress and reselling accounts. And that's when I go - I'm done wasting my time on this sh*t. Only to try another game a few months later xD
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    @webketje - "This is the way."
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