So I have purchased the domain studioentropy.com. It's taken me all afternoon but I've set up and configured aws s3 buckets and route 53 zone an entries and my shite asse site is now online, hooray... My question is with regards to https. Given that ny site is really only going to be a single page site with relatively static content, no eccomerce of any kind, no passing of sensative information is required, is it really worth going through the pain of configuring cloudfront so the site uses https instead of http?

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    I would just setup letsencrypt instead of relying on cloudfront. As for why you should search engines are starting to put https sites first. So if you don't and somebody else copies the content they would get a higher search ranking.
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    If your on an Ec2 instance I believe aws has free ssl,

    given the way major browsers are starting to treat non ssl pages I would slap a cert on, even if using a free cert like Let’s encrypt or cloudfront.

    I expect browsers will come to a point where no ssl pages will just be blocked at some point.
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    Considering google will be actively down rate sites that even offers http.

    Also, https protects all contact between the page and server and unless the page is completely self contained there is always some communication to protect.
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    I usually use VestaCP and it can deal with making your LetsEncrypt setup and certificates for you
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    VestaCP is free btw and quite good enough for being free, what is your site going to be about btw?
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    @legionfrontier It will contain projects I plan to release. Can't say much more about it for now, but ill be sure to let you know when there is more to look at. ☺
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    @Eimriik Sure then, you are welcome to shill as much as you want your projects when they are done on my site mate
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    Ok, its taken me since the original post but now both studioentropy.com and www.studioentropy.com are https!
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    @Eimriik I’m glad that says under construction 😂

    It’s a bit funky on phone 👍
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    @C0D4 Yeah. I'm not the best web dev. Im using boostrap but I have no idea how Im supposed to ssy when on mobile apply this style instead. I think its @directives, need to souble check though.
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    If your using the grid, You can use


    Ect. To target screen sizes
    May need a bit of a structure change depending on how you laid out the HTML.
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    @C0D4 I fixed it (largely) just for you ☺
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    HTTPS is not just for protecting data users enter. It also ensures your users see the content you intended. No one (almost) can get in between to change anything.
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