Girlfriend: What's your biggest fear?

Me: That machines take over the world.

Girlfriend: What?

Toaster: What?

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    Potato: Why am I always the comparison to low end devices?

    Me: You're so full of starch.
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    Not paying attention to your stove, not paying attention to your fridge, not paying attention to your car. And definitely not paying attention to your suspicious ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH! But yeah toaster is a killer indeed.
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    @Alice toasters made with machine learning.
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    And I will be the one behind it all.
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    Imagine you come home from work and your fridge, alexa and the weighting device have an argument about if they should put you on a healthy diet... creepy
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    @Count Ha. I don’t even have a toaster. I do have a coffee machine tho that spits out hot as shit water....wait...[garbled human screeching...interference...connection terminated]
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    I thought the Toaster would understand, he is tired of toasting bread, I can say from personal experience.
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