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    How exactly? Edge! = ie
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    edge = IE + Windows 10 + HTML5

    (but it still "contains" IE)
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    @BambuSource html and js engine are basedon ie, plus 3 more years of development, minus some proprietary technologies like activex, vba, ecc... So still doesn't mean anything, can you provide some other valid facts?
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    Not "facs", just from experience some standart html5 stuff (yup, I said is has html5) doesn't work on it. Just scroll through codepen and try stuff.

    On Chrome and on Edge.
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    and welp, I'm a huge windows fan xD I just thought this would have a good place here on devRant
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    No worries, maybe you're new, i just got tired of all these similar rants about ie/edge and windows everyday, without prove any valid point or reason, bust just feel cool and get some ++ bashing ms... I know that html5 support overall is under chrome and opera, but it's on the same level of ff and much better than safari... Anyway if you'll try all html5 api, you'll find also some things supported by edge but chrome
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    Look I don't particulary like M$, I only use linux at home/work. But why the hate? When I started there was IE6 and fucking Internet Explorer for Mac. Nowadays, Edge is actually pretty cool. Safari is way worse IMO.

    Plus when it comes to CSS, just a little reminder that CSS Grid came out of Edge (not the final specification, but the first proposal, which wasn't that bad).
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    @Wack Huh, didn't know the second thing. I don't hate Microsoft, I just made a collection of fun things like this. I am a windows user and Edge really has some neat features, though for web designers it's annoying. ^^
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    For those searching for it:
    Unicode character 'Globe with Meridians'
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    @avalanche Nobody searched it xD
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    Man the analogies! I phuqing love them!!
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    @CorruptComputer Some analogy you've got there.
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    So fucking true.
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    @CorruptComputer gets it.
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