From Insta, have you ever tried VB? If yes then describe your experience. Mostly shitty

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    C++ for the win 😍
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    Nearly 10 years ago I worked on a project that used VB, VB.net and C#. I did not care about the language itself, because the language to me is usually just a tool.
    However, what devs did with VB was amazing: functions getting 30+ params, 15kLOC functions, goto for every decision, everything was somewhat number-coded (no enums)... that was the real pain - but guys working on the original SW for 30years (yeah!) knew every little detail there was.
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    Tried it once. Now that i know Python, never again gonna touch this thing.
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    Never had a problem with it. Have worked on stacks that have both c# and vb and both were clean and organized as hell. VB is really not a bad language at all. And it has a band reputation that comes mostly from vb 6 which i think its unfair as well since vb 6 was really not that bad. I do have prefferences, and dislike some languages, but it comes most from personal prefference than actual complaints for the language. I also did VBscript professionally and did not rwally had any gripes with it, sure its dated and i could not do many things that i could do with other languagrs, but if you know propper system design and architecture you can make stuff out lf anything without killing yerself. What I am trying to say is: 10/10 would BASIC again.
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    Is C++ vampire?? 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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    @gberginc @AleCx04 I also used VB.net for as beginner to GUI. It was fun to use. Altough I don't like vb6 with .net VB is also great
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    @Electrux, yeah like vampire with hot personality but really difficult to handle(learn)
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    @vkubre m soooooo in love 😍😍😍😍😍😍
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    VB.net was my first language. I now am an embedded c++ developer. VB still has some love from me
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