Windows bluetooth audio is nigh unusable.

It is not unrealistic to believe that someone may walk out of range of their bluetooth connection, causing the computer to lose connection with the device. But for Windows, it's as if I had committed an act of negligent malice. I sometimes have to fiddle with my audio settings for a minute or two before I can make it work again.

There is a half second delay before the audio is actually sent to the device if there hasn't been any audio playing for 3-4 seconds, making listening to albums unpleasant. There is no reliable way to turn off bluetooth power saving. The best you can do is play a silent mp3 in the background at all times to trick the OS into treating your bluetooth device like it belongs.

And sometimes bluetooth audio just stutters and cuts out at random until you restart your computer.

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    Which Bluetooth chip do you have
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    @electrineer On my work machine, I have a tplink with, I think, bluetooth 5. My home machine has a v4.0 radio so I can hook up my switch controller.

    The audio delay problem happens on both. I don't know how it acts at home if I walk too far away since my house isn't that large, but I imagine it's just as bad there too.
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    The delay is probably a power saving feature of your headset
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    Agreed. But it’s also up to the other transeiver end.
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    bluetooth was always a shit standard, but then, all I got is 1am hottakes, so maybe I have some misgivings with it.
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