I keep getting contacted on Facebook Messenger by "null", and receiving "message" from my friends. How can a social network suck so much? And how can a company spend so much money on declarative programmers without the rest of their teams picking up on such basic techniques as making invalid state unrepresentable?

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    inb4 "in JS anything is representable"

    the types are implicit, but if an object is never contructed without a particular field with the intention of initializing it later that's implicit for non-nullable. Just because null exists in your language doesn't mean you have to assign it to anything.
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    @ostream It's really not though, it's the programmer's choice to assign the placeholder string "message" instead of unfucking the construction order so that the message body only needs to be specified when it's available. As far as I know no language prevents this.
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    its funny how their own house made product has so many problems while i never experienced any bug with whatsapp.
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    @ostream I meant about JS. The fact that a bunch of people with unique knowledge of their own code have been fired probably contributed, although Facebook and Messenger sucked long before the layoffs.
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