So I’m thinking about buying my very first MacBook but I can’t decide which one to get. Im between the 2017 MacBook Air 256Gb or a 2015 MacBook Pro 128Gb. I’m afraid that if I don’t get 256Gb it won’t be enough for college and work. Just a little background for you guys, I’m a software engineer student and also an iOS/RoR intern at a software development company.
Please help me decide which one to get!

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    *cough* second hard drive *cough*
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    now that I've cleared my throat, my suggestion would be to get another hard drive
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    @calmyourtities is it really worth the trouble of carrying a external drive than getting a MacBook Air?
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    @Renan no clue 🙃
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    *cough* Hackintosh *cough*
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    The display is better on the Mac Pro.
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    Look for a 2012 model mac book, you can upgrade ram, replace HDD and replace DVD with a second hdd
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    @m1ks too much of a hassle to maintain, specially when Apple demands all the latest stuff to submit an App.
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    @irene what!?!?! They have “that” online?!????!?
    Now, seriously, is it really enough, it fells like in a year it’ll be totally full, even if I don’t store pictures, games, movies, songs, por.... movies....
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    @inpothet did consider buying an old MacBook but the thing is, in my home country Apple products are way, way, way more expensive, like you wouldn’t believe (yes I know people complain that Apple’s already expensive in the US but), buying an old MacBook here would be as expensive as buying a new MacBook outside my country, and since I’ll be staying for only two day I won’t have the time to “find” an old MacBook since they stopped selling those.
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    @irene idkn, iOS and RoR projects I guess...
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    @Renan yea but it the long term it will be cheaper as the new models can't upgrade anything so your quicker to buy a new device
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