Well I wish I could abandon jQuery and bootstrap all together and just use some vuejs admin template with my Laravel app. But things are not that easy and I am a lvl 1.0 vuejs user.

So sorry V girl, you gotta learn how to live with Mr.J for a few more months.

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    Lol tell me about it. I'm scratching my head for an hour, figuring out what's going on here. I'm new to this, It'll take some time for me adapt xD
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    @avitron for a second I got scared because I thought "how did you have my codes" 😁 you seems more advanced than me judging from your router-link and transition stuffs 👍
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    @mrlinnth Noooo xD

    I cloned a repository to learn some more stuffs, that's me learning there. It's a Hacker news app made in Vue js.

    Here's the repo if you're interested: https://github.com/vuejs/...

    Demo site to fiddle around: https://vue-hn.now.sh/top
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    @avitron oh awesome. Thanks for the links
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