Are you using ai tools to code? I’ve been having a blast combining copilot with the jetbrains ai assistant. GPT4 with pictures is pretty decent at generating scaffolding as well, provided the images are decent.
Also for unit tests, refactoring, and quick algorithms that I need for random stuff. Saves me a lot of time.

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    i'm contemplating.
    Using Gpt3.5 for learning svelte hasn't been the greatest.

    It keeps telling me outdated stuff lol
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    @iceb yeah. Its training data is only till 2021. Lots would've changed

    V4 is the best bet here
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    Too much liability with almost no gain.

    I have to review everything it gives me so why not write it in the first place?

    Who owns the code? Most likely not you.
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    no. commercial code is forbidden to interact with any and all AI tools whatsoever.

    PS: quite literally there was an email announcement that forbids any usage of AI tools
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    My company won't let us. I do personally though.
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    @asgs 2022 now

    > As of my last knowledge update in January 2022
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    I do but from ChatGPT website. I don’t want it to interact with my code because then I have to review it in a too large context and ChatGPT is 90% right in its answer which mean that I have to fix the 10% remaining.

    It’s very good with ffmpeg surprisingly though, but that’s very specific to my needs
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    @iiii this is so dumb. trust me openai isnt going to take any of your e commerce or MATLAB code and use it for themselves

    god i can only imagine the type of code that companies think is "proprietary"

    oh wait i do know one (sadly this is no joke) it was a special for loop in SAP because the way SAP locks objects is retarded

    imagine considering spaghetti code secret / proprietary 😂

    ugh depressing
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    @fullstackcircus it's not dumb if you stop and think about it: it's just a prevention of the appropriation of the proprietary code by the robot or anyone standing behind it.
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    @iiii i mean unless your codebase is less than 100 characters they're not going to be able to "steal" much of anything

    complexity is complex
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    gpt 4 is at least as useful as having a second developer. there are sooo many “hidden features” in ChatGPT plus / gpt 4 - file attachments make python to Go translation 10x faster. you can get it to generate SQL queries, and validate the query results w/ generated python pandas/numpy code that it will run in a sandboxed runtime. custom gpts let you create tightly bound interaction loops that dont need regular “did you forget my database schema from the start of this chat?”.

    In comparison 3.5 is a cute toy that can pretend to reverse arrays.
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    @itay do you use it with the chatgpt interface? or is it integrated with ide/tools?
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    @iceb I use the web version as a PWA. nothing beats the native interface especially given I have several custom gpts for specific interaction loops (one for python to go translation tasks, another for the SQL generation and validation w/ pandas)
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