Not getting into linux/foss an dumping windows/other proprietary bullshit earlier. The friends I've made through this world, the passion, the ideology behind it...

I fucking wish I'd have found out about this at a way earlier age or even begin raised with those values.

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    When did you switch?
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    @plusgut I switched to Linux at the age of 15. I completely killed off M$ after the snowden revelations.
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    @linuxxx 15 is a early age to dump propritary shit, you shouldn't regret anything there :)
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    @ThatDude I'm happy to hear that, good for you :)
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    Good for you having found your passion! :) But come on, spelling Microsoft "M$"...
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    I switched to linux completely on my 16th birthday. Awesome present I got myself xD
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    @404response I also stayed up till 4am that day to setup Linux Mint. Tried fedora first but it didn't work.

    Was an awesome birthday xD
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    Amen, we are 100% linux here :)
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    Started at age 12-13 don't remember ohhh it was great to just see the NTFS partition go away after that no more M$
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