Zup - A lossy compression algorithm for text files.

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Zup - A lossy compression algorithm for text files.

Needing to save some hard drive space? That XML dump of your database too large to send to a colleague? Zup's revolutionary algorithm has an adjustable compress level that fits your needs, and can achieve unsurpassed performance. Compression and decompression only takes O(n) and requires no overhead or special libraries, only a psuedo random generator to determine which characters are necessary The infamous "works on my machine" will always be a valid excuse.
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    Not gonna use it if it doesn't have a Weissman score of 5.2
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    I'll only agree if you make the "zup" sound when compressing a file.

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    "Text needs to be losslessly compressed, otherwise you might end up sending the wrong worms"
    -- Tom Scott
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    Why not just zip or tar the file? There's already commands like zgrep
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    @billgates Because zip and tar are lossless, how boring is that
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    I often lossy compr in message
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    @12bitfloat oh ok.... But that's like generating a hash? or just corrupting the data?

    <El>hi</El> becomes <El>h</> the data is sorta useless and invalid?
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    @billgates you can often achieve the same effect with fever and shorter words
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    @billgates Yes that's the joke. Lossy text compression is pointless in 99.9999% of all cases.
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    @electrineer so like JS code obfuscation/minifier then. Not lossy though...

    But point is if it's lossy then you need to make sure you don't need whatever gets lost. And well for XML... THE only thing you can lose is the info between the start, end tags if you still need it to be valid for machine parsing.

    Guess depends on use case
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    @BobbyTables I want sure since this was a collab and not tagged as a joke...
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    Proposal: Replace all input text with ZUUUUUUP.
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    I get the joke.
    It’s a hilarious idea.
    Build it.
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