I'm watching tv with my parents. We're watching home alone and they're laughing their asses off from the movie they watched twenty times. This is one of the cringiest moments of my life. Wish I could attach an audio recording

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    I always get a good laugh from funny movies that I know very well, such as the iconic police movies with Louis de Funès.
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    My father (re)watches 20+ years old cricket matches. Again and again, as if the results were going to be any different.
    I guess before the internet people got so little leisure brain stimulation that those kinds of infinite rewatch views made sense.
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    Just watched Elf, by myself. I got a chuckle out of it, again. Funny thing I heard. Will Ferrel dressed up as buddy and went a stared at people through windows in NYC this year. Legend.
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    I loved home alone

    90s movies were amazing
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    I still go back to old stuff I've seen and it's fun, in a comfortable sort of way, like an old tshirt. Sometimes the familiar is what you want/need.

    I must've rewatched "Airplane!" at least ten times, still gets a good laugh
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    @RememberMe I still laugh about everyone on the plane smacking the lady for being scared to fly.
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    You'll regret writing this in the future.
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    @Demolishun "I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!"
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    Could be worse. They could be watching Mrs Brown's Boys...
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    My 10 yo made me watch Home Alone this year. Was not cringy.
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    There's nothing cringe-y about that.

    @bols59 - yep agree on that.

    @JsonBoa - Hey I do that too. Except I watch the compilation videos on YouTube.
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