I once tried to create a client for the fonds bank of Frankfurt. But I didn't expect their JSON API to be designed by a trainee.

Look at the API.
Stringified numbers, decimal commas (Germany), separator dots for thousands, and even one breaks as if it came from a pjp script where they just put an if condition in each line.

I documented the API and tried to create a Jax rs client, but stopped completing it. Not useable atm. Just look at what I spoofed.


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    Dates are not UTC and don't have any timezone information.
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    Der Satz des Tages:
    "Das Protokoll ist furchtbar schlecht designed."
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    That's horrifying. Whoever approved that obviously gets paid too much.
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    Or underpaid. I'd do that if i only got half of my money to make it hard to maintain to whomever comes after me
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    @heyheni ich frage mich, wie viele Deutsche Mitglieder devRant in % hat. ;-)
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    Stringified numbers make sense for banking. But the separators xD why would one do that?

    Wtf non UTC dates without tz field? The guy that made this was drunk
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    @QCat it's not really banking. It's just displaying values. So you lose the possibility to format to another locale.
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