Hahahah :) alter ego

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    I opened a Linkedin like literally ages ago but being forced to oversell myself if not outright lie disgusts me alot... then again In not formally employeed either :/
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    Omg this is amazing!!
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    Mine just says "java guy"
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    This is why I refuse to have a LinkedIn.
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    Some random code dude spending too much time on devRant.
    Fullest stack hyperspace engineer, devops masterchief research leading expert supermanager, successfullest enterpreneur and professional key strokes hitting expert.
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    Exactly why i dislike linkedin. No matter how much you polish a turd it's still a turd
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    Ha ha. The truth behind many Linked-In accounts.
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    Mine's got like a "fuck off" message to recruiters in a polite way
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