When you found an API for Dominos Pizza on NPM.. I think i eat pizza tonight

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    Another is library...

    There's so many, there's even one for your local pizza shop.
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    One bug and you have 100 pizzas at your doorstep...
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    None pizza with left beef🍕🍕🍕
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    @beggarboy when AI tries to ruin you financially while killing your health too
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    Why is this a thing?

    Not complaining but why?
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    @BigMacca101 because dominos is pretty developer and technology friendly? They were the first who released a chatbot to order pizza. They seem to understand that in order to conquer the multi billion dollar business "pizza" you have to leverage digital technology.
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    @heyheni You're welcome. I helped set up the API at Domino's (plus their customized flyer distribution for franchises, etc) 😊
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    @heyheni It's twofold: They realized the tech industry is one of their better customers, and there are "resellers". Children's hospital around here has a pizza night every week for example, so it helps to have an API.
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    @bittersweet wow now I'm surprised 😲👍 awesome!
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