Devrant Drunk Quiz - 3 - 5 points

What do aviophile and Alexander and b2plane and SidTheItGuy have in common?

Is it…

A) They are holocaust deniers
A) They sleep and kiss on anime pillows
A) They are active members of the Westboro Baptist Church


A) They suck each other off in the bar stall but condom on so not gay

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    I was about to say option A but that's impossible cz my hot blonde gf sucks me off a lot so that's not gay so that must mean the correct option is A) @shovethisrant gangbangs his mom on the epstein island together with stephen hawking
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    I know the correct answer. We three take turns banging OP's mom.

    I'm kidding.

    @shovethisrant 's mom can handle 3 dicks inside her at the same time. Then his mom gets splashed with all 3 of us cum.
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    @SidTheITGuy where are you on drcc? πŸ™ I DM'd you πŸ™
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    @aviophille austrian painter was the good guy. He knew about the new world order. He knew about secret society. He knew what Kennedy knew. He knew, that the people who are preparing these mass destructions are jews. He knew those people were so powerful that he'll need a whole nation of armies to bring them down.

    And so he did. At least he tried.

    He tried to kill all jews just how God killed all people and babies in the flood. If God could do it and that mass genocide be considered as justified, so can our austrian painter. The jews wanted power and rule the world leading it to wars and self destruction. Austrian painter knew, the only way to prevent that is to start a gloal war against the elite.

    But the elite was too powerful. The elite manipulated the media and narrative in order to turn the whole world against our beloved austrian painter. The austrian painter was brutal with the holocaust--but so was God with the flood. All lives are worth lost for the sake of a better future
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    @retoor I left the drcc channel. I can't see your DM tho. Could you try again?
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    @SidTheITGuy you have to accept invitation.

    So jest has won?
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    @SidTheITGuy there was a lot of input regarding your video resume :) Helpful stuff
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    @retoor read my comment & join my side. U can be my 3rd hot gf but brunette one
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    @aviophille thats like u saying to God to enjoy a bullet (impossible since God is a celestial entity, a spirit so the bullet cannot touch it) and God doesnt have a mom so his mom cant be rapped by russian (although russians arent good rappers at all, eminem and harry mack are better rappers) so u just committed huge Blasphemy against the Lord, allat because God flooded the world and killed millions of babies and everyone else except Noah's family. The LORD your God will never forgive u for ur blasphemous sins. If u offend me then u offend God your LORD. I do not fear you. BEGONE satan. For LORD is on my side βš”οΈ
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    @aviophille ww3 will happen on the judgement day when the LORD decides to horn the 7 trumpets 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺

    Are you rapture ready?
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    @aviophille the LORD your God will never forgive u ur Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. U shall burn in flames forever and ever and ever. Gods wrath is upon you. U have nowhere to escape. Nowhere to run or hide from the LORD. Ur blasphemous acts shall not be tolerated. God told me this as i am one of His prophets and servants. You better believe there is no hope for u. Ur done. Ur cooked (literally cause u'll burn in hell of sulfur and πŸ”₯)
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    @aviophille u need to listen to some age of war music https://youtu.be/qY9gK2Gqwik/... to chill out and get satan out of ur asshole
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    I'm praying for you @aviophille πŸ™ Psalm 137:9
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    @aviophille i bought ur mum as Exodus 21:7 instructed. Shes my slave now. She cant go free cause my LORD God said so. I'm keeping ur mom to myself lol and she cant be redeemed cause she pleases me very good. She learned sucking n gagging perfectly πŸ’―
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    Wow i didn't know this place is as toxic at Facebook. Can call please leave and find a different place to discuss politics?
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    @Isirant ur right my brother i miss the good old times when internet didnt exist
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    - holocaust deniers
    Not sure, they'd need to understand the basics to actually deny anything wouldn't they?

    - anime pillows
    If they had/have the resources to get one im sure all would qualify. Probably would get the life-like sex dolls and full-size human-shaped pillows too.

    - westboro
    Well i dont think any are the right shade to be actively involved... plus they all are allergic to anything close to hard work, have no money to exploit, and likely fall somewhere in the queer catagories (i use the term queer, not the title... so slanted/abnormal orientation)

    - tiny blowhobs
    Well... aside from it being seen as work, expensive for fitting condoms, etc(list would be extensive). theyd need to be physically in the same location and allowed into the bars... having no money and a volatile personality whilst contributing nothing of value to society, normally gets that voided.
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    @aviophille no clue what that's supposed to mean
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    To be fair... this is my guest room-- obv not hating on fluffy anime things.

    I do find cults fascinating.

    The holocaust happened... fluent in german and been to some irl sites.

    The last one... thatd be a long explanation in my case... but certainly not with any of the aforementioned.
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    @aviophille what are you? B-roll?

    Idk why but you're reminding me of the clip art floppy disks from my grade school days.
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    Got all the low tier shitposters in a bag ¦'D
    Thanks @shovethisrant

    Shit's lit af. Gonna pin that garrl
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    @scor once someone responds with the correct answer it’s gonna be a pain to calculate everything lol
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    This is prime @shovethisrant
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    ok, ive thought about this extensively now... I'm sure now, the answer is...

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    @awesomeest βœ… that is the correct answer good job! πŸ‘
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    @shovethisrant yeah... i noticed it the first time i read it... but i have a tendency to kill fun by announcing things i think are more obvious than they are... trust me, be glad youve never been an emotionally insecure person attempting to mask the root of it talking to me.... ESPECIALLY when i was a kid. Ive been freaking people out since at least 1st grade
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    Congratulations @awesomeest
    And great quiz @shovethisrant
    Such a tight race and everyone gave their best!
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    @awesomeest I see Detective Conan.
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