After creating my own PHP MVC framework with Twig as templating engine, everything is now so simple and so fast, I juat cant belive how much I understand now. The development is just so smooth, you know exactly what to do all the time... And for my simple project, it does not even hurt that much to use PHP (and its even strictly typed 7.2, so not that bad). I think that I am in love. ❤

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    Congratulations :) Working on own Framework really is a blast. After that you understand so much more, how the other Frameworks are doing it.
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    @plusgut yeah, the day I finished it I am asking myself why dont I already use Symphony or Larvel, its almost identical 😀
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    @CopyPasteCode because your framework is probably much more lightweight, because you don't have to implement all the edgecases.
    I'm sure yours is better debuggable for you, since you wrote it.

    Most importantly: you can direct where your framework will be going in the future and you are not dependent on the other maintainers.

    But all these arguments only count if you are working for your own, in a team it's quite a different setting.

    P.S. I rewrote my framework 5 times, in the last 5 years and now I'm finally happy with the codebase. I learned so much in this period of time.
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    @plusgut Yes, I am working solo right now (I may add in some project my less skilled (sorry guys) classmates, but since I am documenting all stuff I write, I think that some of them will be undersand my code (seriously, its just around 150 lines). I was using this Udemy course as a tutorial: https://udemy.com/php-mvc-from-scra... with GitHub cupon which made it 10 euro. Its not really well made from technical point of view (slowed down videos to make it longer (it may be better for learning for some poeple, but for me its annoying and bad)) but I think that with some PHP basics you can understand it all well and quickly, so from teaching point of wiew, it was really good I guess. I was using this course just as a base and I rewrote it to PHP7 with strict types and just pimped it up.
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    @CopyPasteCode i took that exact same class :) loved every second of it!
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    @AleCx04 I loved (every second of it) / 1.5 speed, but yeah, it was really good
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    Nice job and congrats. 😎
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