paypal, a company that literally makes BILLIONS per year, is going to make mit SIT and WAIT for a meager 1 year CSV transaction report printout

knowing the pile of shit that is corporate america, theyre probably running on some garbage circa 2002 IBM SQL server or some shit

god it truly is a 🤡🌎

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    What you write is just sad.

    You cannot solve everything.

    PayPal is one of the largest financial companies...

    Probably Terabyte size regarding data, maybe more - wouldn't be surprised if it would come close to Exabyte.

    Its sad how many devs seem to have a tunnel vision where performance either equals hardware or performance more important than accuracy / resilience.

    I would rephrase it: Be glad PayPal allows you to have a 1 year range access of data, cause given the datalakes they have, thats like picking a specific grain of sand out of the gobi desert.
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    are you serious? discord has reached over a trillion messages and they do it all in real time with a team of like 5 devs

    found the paypal employee

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    Chat messages are an entirely different fuckity than financial transactions.

    And discord had quite a few growing pains, too.


    Now think of that migration in finance.

    Where red tape, audits, long term storage etc. are a must.

    I really don't want to think about how it works at PayPal, because I think it will be a bureaucratic nightmare.

    Its easy to say "haha they could do better". Its more realistic and better to ask "why don't they".

    In Germany bureaucracy, you don't mess with the Finanzamt (Federal central tax office)... If you do, they will audit the fuck out off you.
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    paypal can't link to my bank because they pay a service which truncates passwords before sending them to the bank's servers.

    My bank supports 2048 character passwords.
    My password is 512 characters.
    The service truncates to 128 characters (and limits what characters can be used)
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