For the Germans among us. Found it at the Dortmund train station today. At least the syntax is right.

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    writing code in german is just plain wrong and the naming of everything is disgusting too.
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    @plusgut couldn't be more agree with you !!
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    walking through some train station, definitly an eye catcher for most of us
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    @BambuSource yep an eyecatcher, but also to many alarm bells would ring in my head.
    I would never apply there.
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    A few weeks ago they were with other companies in Frankfurt to seek job applicants. The email they send was too generic to answer.
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    I have relatives in Dortmund
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    I always see this on my way to work. ;)
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    I just can't take job offers like this serious. Wouldn't apply there :S
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    @plusgut @thoxx why not? //please don't kill me for asking..
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    @sladuled because this smells like a big company without perspective for the developer. And it is, all devs that work there have serious wisdom gaps, we dont even invite people to interviews if they worked there for more then 1-2 years.
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    @Hammster a, ok, you know the company.. makes more sense now, I was wondering what about the code there is so messed up to not apply at all..
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    disclaimer: it's the perspective from the western world, I don't how it's in africa, asia, wherever

    @sladuled it is a bad idea to write code in german, for multiple reasons. The most important: if you decide to hire people who are not native speakers, it's nearly impossible to do that.
    At the 'developer community' it is common sense to write in english and nothing else is acceptable. Only very inexperienced people do otherwise.

    What this ad tells me is:
    - the hr people don't know who are experienced developers on their company, or they don't have any
    - in the company is no culture of speeking up, what goes wrong. l
    - communication between developers and hr is limited

    And all these things are important, to have a good developer team.

    Did I answer your question, or should I elaborate on something specific?
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    @plusgut noup, perfect.. I thought sth was wrong woth syntax, I totally overlooked the german stuff xD

    And yes, English is life at least when coding and commenting, at least for me..
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    @sladuled nah, syntax-errors are no problem. This happens to everybody, from time to time. :)
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    These kinds of code ads/offers are often not making any sense regarding the used code, syntax and/or keywords and I absoluty not like sentences like "Bester IT-Arbeitgeber Deutschlands" which means "best IT employer germany".

    Another problem (for me) is that offers like this provide absolutely no informations regarding the position. It says nothing about what exactly they need (most important for me) and what the company offers. Maybe it's a good eye catcher for young ppl or graduates but not for senior developers and professionals (my opinion). When you work a while as a developer in your region you know the companies (especially the larger ones who can affort these kinds of ads) and what tech stack they need. And as already mentioned...writing code in german is kinda meh.
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