Hi, what is the average salary of developers in your country.

For me : i'm junior UI/UX designer and front end developer in Paris, working for Parisian digital consulting agency 35hrs a week

Annual salary 30k €
Adding to this :
Daily meal ticket 8,8€
50% of transport ticket's price is refunded
And many other stuffs and don't even remember.

Knowing that Paris is an expensive city.

How about you people ?

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    I wish I got paid...
    (++ if ur a student)
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    Job: Senior Java Dev
    Country: Germany
    Annual Salary: 52k
    Additons: All the stuff a cmp tries to lure employees (coffee, fruits, events, work-life-bal, flextime, , synergy bla bla bla)
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    Mid lvl full stack web dev
    $74k /year
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    @PETEXTRIAN i understand that
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    I'm sure the UK is the only country in Europe that if you put a gun to someone's head and asked their salary they'd say "shoot" xD

    (Jah, I'm from the UK)
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    @DLMousey hahah, why is that ?
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    @Baguette I dunno lol, it's just this weird cultural thing that discussing money is suuuuuper taboo
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    I do the job as a backend developer in the uk and I get paid £550 a month, welcome to apprenticeships ladies and gentleman
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    @DLMousey yes true, people need to understand that money is just a tool :/
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    @Baguette maybe us brits just don't like showing people our tools ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    @0x29A I'm in apprenticeship in Paris, i earn 920€ a month ://

    @all in addition, meal ticket : 8€ a day
    Half of transport ticket a month (~30€)
    Free drink (soda) and cake
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    What we earn here in entrance levels might compare to 12k € / year ...
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    Is that like internship or full time junior position at your company?@Jakuho
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    @Skilovan I'm going to school monday and tuesday, the rest of the week I'm going to work
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    There are quite a few websites where you can find average salary in your country. One little tip.. HR departments use these sites! So for those sites that ask you what your salary is before you can see the results type something really high so that it pushes up the average salary for your specialty.

    Here is one for Australia I found that doesn't need you to give info:
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    Currently? With the exchange rates, 300 euro a month. It's my first job and pre-graduation so starting February I'll be earning 1000+.
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    3500€/month average here is 38K / year. Taxes will fuck you up though
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    @Baguette sadly you can't just compare raw numbers without calculating in the living costs and / or health benefits
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    96.000€ / year. But working 55hours/week. I'm tired all the time.
    I'm working as a full stack web developer and as a full-stack software developer and server maintenance dude.
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    57k € a year. Senior Software Developer.
    Java Backend, Android and Web with Polymer.
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    @Jakuho If my company gave me free soda and cake I'd be found dead within two weeks
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    @incognito can you give me an idea about the calculations ?
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    @Baguette I'll probably forget a few things but you have to factor in the costs of living (house/rental) + the cost of food, public transport, taxes etc.

    The reason is simply because you might earn (let's say) 75.000 (euro, dollar, yen doesn't matter for this example) per year, but if half of your monthly income is spent on living there you would 'only' have 37.500 left.
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    45.000€ a year
    Senior Fullstack Web & Gamedev
    JS, C#, C, C++

    Just started at the company 6 months ago and ill get a 5000€ rais in june because of my good work.

    My previous job was 60.000€ but PHP, JS, WordPress, Typo3 it sucked.
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    @incognito i see your point. But I wanted just to get idea about the salary of devs and iTs in different countries.

    Maybe someone else will do a discussion about the quality of life :D
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