How many frontend devs does it take to change a light bulb?

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    this one takes 1, actually...
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    They'll just hang up a cloth to hide the lamp. No need to change it.
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    Only one. But none of them know what a circuit breaker is...
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    Depends on the js framework
  • 12
    0, the broken bulb is actually the new dark theme everyone wanted
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    The broken light bulb was the clients idea.
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    How many does it take to stop changing the light bulb? I can't get used to the room if there's different colored light every month
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    They all work from home in the fuckin dark.
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    @lorentz one htmx guy and 2 dozen htmx memes
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    All of them. Wait one week and a new light changing framework is born. Be sure to keep up now.
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