Dog of the day. This golden retriever is what I imagine when I think about "a good boy"

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    if people from Netherlands were dogs this is the breed I think they'd be
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    @jestdotty I saw a vid of a golden trying to hump a roomba. Why do dogs do that? What do they know?
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    Dogs are "dumb" when it comes to that. They'll hump pretty much anything. But they are still lovely, and way better than cats.
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    @CoreFusionX we have a cat that thinks he is a dog. We have a dog that thinks he is a cat. They always play fight and it is fun to watch.
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    I mean in the sense, cats are the owners, and you are their pet.

    Dogs are your pets, and demonstrate it every day.

    They get stupidly happy when you come back home even if your only were away 10 mins.

    When you feel sad, they notice and come console you.

    When you feel happy, they kind of get the contagion.

    They never judge. They never dissent. They never question.

    They are pure, unadulterated love.
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    I mean, my dogs don't live with me (because I live in another country now and such) but it's just coming to visit, and they know I'm coming 10 mins before I do, because they fucking recognize the sound of my car from 4 miles away.

    I can shout from the town hall (over 2 miles away) and in 7 minutes they'll show up right by. (And threaten anyone daring to come close).

    My dogs are my brothers, and they know I'm their brother too.
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    And I know I can't say this, without showing, so, my latest...
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    (yes, taller than the dining table)
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    my cat comes to console me if I'm sad

    also you can train cats to remind you of stuff. they're pretty clever if they're not indoor cats

    I have my cat remind me when it's garbage day. initially because I would give her wet food on that day but then that got messed up... but now she reminds me because she gets excited because she can sneak out of an alternative exit of the house and you're coming with her so it's time to go on a walk with you!

    I used to go jogging with her but cats really suck at running long distances so that ended pretty quickly lol
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    @Demolishun i had a cat that thought it was a dog... and when I was a kid, that cat, and that cat's mom (named scam) were clever enough to bypass the shitty bathroom door locks (u know, the ones you could unlock with your thumbnail) and open the door.

    Scam terrorised my brother (+4yrs to me) by sneaking in while he was taking a bath and jumping in with him.
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    @CoreFusionX my dog judges me sometimes... he's adorable and mostly cute/innocent... but also too smart for his own good and can be an asshole sometimes... honestly it's pretty fitting since im the owner and all.
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    @jestdotty my cat growing up, ding-dong, after a bell,(the kitten we kept when the mom, scam, had a litter) was very attached. I tried going for a walk with him and snappy (big snapping turtle i got@4th bday) ding-dong would ward off dogs, even the ones behind a gate in their yard, with a growl-like tone.

    He also was a weirdo. I used to have long hair and kept running out of hair bands. My parents said i was being careless/losing them, i said they were disappearing. Then my father brought home another gardner snake without telling anyone. We went on a typical weekend trip to canada (sarnia, ON). Got back, mom rushed to the 'guest' bathroom, thought one of the younger nephews missed the toilet so went to pick it up... was a baby snake.

    Had to move everything to look for snakes(grama's biggest fear). Behind the dryer(cat food/water was on top) we found over 100 hair ties. Apparently ding-dong was stealing them from closed drawers dipping in water then tossing behind dryer for years.
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    @awesomeest ". Apparently ding-dong was stealing them from closed drawers dipping in water then tossing behind dryer for years.


    Thats fucking weird but a good story.

    We had a dog that stole all the socks and would hide them behind a dresser as well.

    He'd also do the same to any loose cash he could get ahold of.

    Just dozens of chewed up dollar bills hidden behind the dresser for some god damn reason.
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    @Wisecrack my doggo, boomie, is a weirdo. He's a mut from a rescued litter. So not sure on breeds aside from some pitt. He's the biggest scaredy cat(dog) ever. Adorable, but afraid of basically everything... chickens, trapped mice, kittens, stationary brooms and shovels, anything at all resembling a slinky, coffee, empty beer cans, that liquid bandage stuff... etc.

    When I first got him (~2mo old) i just bought/moved into my house. The back deck has railing all around and was pretty bare-- a barbecue and a stool. Under the bbq was a can of wasp spray and i saw him curiously heading towards it. I was close enough to stop him if he went to lick it or something and figured it'd be good to know his reaction to stuff like that. He very slowly went over to sniff it. One sniff and he jumped backwards (and nearly 2ft vertical) barked at it (1st ever bark) looked at me like 'you see this right?'. Then growled at it, looked at me, barked, in a loop.
    I thought 'THAT'S the right reaction!'
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