This might trigger some people here, but... I like Java and its structure.

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    I like Java too!
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    I'm so badly triggered!
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    F*ck the Javarchy
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    old but gold
    javatar the Movie

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    @heyheni best movie out there
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    Get deep into Java, you'll pull your hair. I was about to leave Android and switch to iOS, but Kotlin saved me. :D
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    you know why people hate because of the endless nullpointerexceptions, and the write once debug fucking EVERYWHERE problem even if its running on the same motherfucking kernel!! It doesnt end there you have these subtle nuances which you find out about later and they vary based on hardware especially when it comes to things like camera mic and other IO
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    @liveCoder, That is a true rant! Something we can all learn from. A rant.prototype! 😂
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    Well, I'm not developing android applications, so what you're saying might be true.. :P
    I'm more into JEE-Projects.
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    I like it but it has too much verbatin. And you know you lack a little bit of memory control. I may be saying something crazy but I am just saying it. If you could insert assembly code in java I think ot would be perfect.
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