- What is exactly your job
-- I am a developer
- So, what does it mean exactly?
-- I create software, applications like those you use on your phone and PC
- So you can create phones and PCs?
-- No it is not that :|
- Can you fix my Laptop?
-- here we go

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    also can you fix my remote, I think maybe the batteries are in backwards
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    Sadly, yes I can fix your laptop 😥

    I knew the hardware world before I knew the software world, but god damn have parts become tiny.
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    Wait, developers can't magically create computers?
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    @C0D4 i've got a 32-bit dell tower and i can agree - DDR mem is so easy to handle
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    But, can you?
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    @C0D4 I'm with you on this one. Hardware, as in PCs just doesn't interest me anymore. Are we talking micro controllers and the like, it's a different story 😄
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    @aaxa pc hardware just got boring, same stuff, same names, usually better specs.
    But I’ll still happily replace any parts as needed.

    Micro controllers are the new cool I guess 😎
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    This deserves a solid: "You can't afford it" in response. They're trying to use you too be cheap, and none too classy about it either.
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