I do and will always pirate, unless it’s low-budget indie and I can support the creator directly

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    At one point in time Netflix had a better user experience than piracy. Now every studio has tried to create its own Netflix and stuff is spread out over 20 different platforms. Piracy is winning again...

    Steam still has a better user experience than piracy, but Epic made it look iffy for a while.
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    @jestdotty how are you a noob
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    I thought Netflix was part of the solution because they also create shows, documentaries etc. that have no regional shit. Even though we pay for it (for that reason) I still technically watch Netflix shows through illegal channels. Because it has better quality. On Linux 720p is the max resolution. Fuck that.

    Every single stupid media outlet needs it's own subscription and platform to switch too. Now I have Kodi. With a simple and more importantly the interface to watch everything I want for less than €10 a month.

    The worst thing is that I really want to pay for the content that I consume. Is just not feasible without a huge hassle and paying almost exclusively for things I don't consume (it's well north of €100/month for the things we are watching).
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    Stealing from corporations is always morally right.
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    @msdsk Thats retarded
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