Yet another confused recruiter:

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    Wow. Deploying USING openai too?
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    Also, US citizenship is not a qualification.

    And you don’t put a space before a colon.
    That looks so unprofessional.
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    @MammaNeedHummus Presumably that means asking chatgpt stupid questions about github actions.
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    AI can be useful but you have to be able to ask intelligent questions and direct it. It often makes really stupid mistakes. Good at defeating tedium.

    Stupid recruiters just repeat what stupid management are asking for.

    Don’t bother wasting your time working for stupid managers.
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    @Grumpycat "Don’t bother wasting your time working for stupid managers." - are you meaning to tell me there's a _different_ kind of manager?
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    @tosensei They are not all stupid. They just have different priorities from you. You are simply a tool to them get things done.

    That is why users, dark empaths, narcissists all thrive in management.
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    @Grumpycat "They are not all stupid" - so far, i haven't found an exception.
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    @tosensei > "so far, i haven't found an exception"

    We've got a few good ones. In particular they lead by setting the goal, defines the parameters, and *stay out of the way*.

    Right now with some of the others, I feel like the swing swung too far the other direction. Ex. if they didn't have 'Manager' in their title, you'd think they were part of the office furniture. "No, that's not a chair, that's our mgr Ken."
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    @PaperTrail "stay out of the way" - that's usually the best that non-techs can do to help progress.
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    I'm sure some recruiter at a space company asks for 5+ years of experience in space travel & willingness to commute to mars.
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    I imagine this is a template

    Recruiter: "1. Which tech are you looking for? 2. Do you need low, medium or high experience?"

    Company: "1. Generative AI models. We mostly use OpenAI and Python 2. High"

    Output: `if (requiredExperience==="high") makeJobAd("10+ years" + "building and deploying" + techName)`
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    The whole recruitment thing is fubar. What a bunch of shit.
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    🤡 company
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    @Lensflare it is if youre not a native... being able to pass that (imo basic af that anyone voting should be required to pass) test, then technically it's a qualified item.

    If we made passing the citizenship test a req for anyone who votes... we wouldnt keep having choices so asinine that ive been writing in non-candidates for years while frequently meeting proud voters who are totally unaware you can write in candidates, not vote for all offices and dont know the vast majority of stances, parameters of proposals or the actual offices/responsibilities of the crap they vote on.

    But hey, i also think they should put some birth control like additive in the water that you can be prescribed a counteracting drug for if you can afford to support yourself and understand the basics taught in any 2-day parenting course... but that's just me... the rest of the country finds it entertaining (not innately fucked up) when there's mass produced tv w/ min wage guys w/20+ kids they dont see.
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    Lol. What a joker
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