damn, this is pretty dope: https://engineerguy.com/white-paper...
the gift of communication for engineers

Bitcoin twitter full of gems

it feels so dehumanizing to "talk down" to people like that though. I have to assume they're mentally lazy and emotional and basically treat them like babies... will my morality stop screaming pls. but I really need to understand limitations of others better instead of assuming they can just do everything I can do which is clearly mega stupid of me. I keep burdening people with high expectations and sounding incomprehensible
become one with the emotions. be less robot. 🙏

to be fair me thinking mental laziness, emotionality, identity self-centeredness are negative traits are coming from me. so what if mental laziness, emotionality, identity self-centeredness were virtues instead, and bam better working theory of mind
the skill of having been there, done that

when conceptually stuck, reverse your morals, I guess

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    Perhaps it would be helpful to picture a layman as if they were a fellow engineer who has a very different specialty. We wouldn't word vomit browser async to a C++ guy doing firmware. We'd ease in.

    Imagine that product owner, etc. as someone we are perpetually easing in.
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