Let me tell you a very sad, sad story:

I was standing in the line at Lidl (a supermarket here in Germany) and was listening to a podcaste peacefully, minding my own business.
As I was the next one, I took out my AirPods and than it happend:

One of my AirPods felt down, jumped from the floor into a shelf under the cash register and sliped through a FUCKING HOLE WITH ONE FUCKING SQUARE CENTIMETER SIZE!!! WHAT A FUCKING MISFORTUNE!!! No way to get it back. And the biggest shit is that Apple wants FUCKING-80-FUCKING-€ for one single new AirPod.

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    That's one of the reasons why I dislike Apple (No hate) 😅
    Mein Beileid alter 😅
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    It’s ok mine just gave up on me like literally my touch id sensor gave up
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    Lidl is a supermarket in 28 countries including America.
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    @balte Oh cool, didn‘t know that 🙂
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    @PuzzlesDev well this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't wireless
    This only confirms to me how stupid these things are, they look stupid and they get even more easily lost than normal earphones
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