The internet says "containers are the holy grail, it's cross-platform and you can run your images and get the same result everywhere"

The practice says: nope... it doesn't do that

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    My favourite is when different instruction sets break things in different ways...
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    @atheist I haven't been bitten by diff instruction sets in containers yet. Care to elaborate?
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    If you get bored by Docker, try NixOS
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    @usr--2ndry I'm struggling to find package versions' archives in the search webpage
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    @netikras the classic is when something just straight up crashes because some dependency doesn't support the instruction set on a slightly older server, but it takes ages to work that out. Or different instruction sets mean a slightly different computed result, failing some regression test and spending hours working out why because something was compiled with funsafemath
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    If all components of your app run natively on your os, you don't need containers.
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    @kiki you do when it means conflicts (lib/ver) with other apps.
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    @netikras we have a billion solutions to this: versioned lib files, chroot, recompiling from source, switching programs and not putting up with that shit... you have options that aren't "run virtualbox with a shared folder tied to the host's root" for every single program.
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