What other profession would you compare developer to?

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    I dont know, what profession has massive amount of mental strain, thankless and with a good dose of suicide? ... oh yeah most public services people :/
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    Sometimes is like a massagist, with the client constantly like "its almost there, but not there exactly".
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    @Alice Clients always take for granted some extra features indeed.
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    A public servants prostitute with never ending fantasies about how they want it next.

    Yup, this sums it up pretty well.
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    A sewer cleaner

    We're always neck deep in shit
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    Freelance developer- Part portrait artist, part prostitute

    Hired developer - Builder, labourer

    Open source developer - Scientist

    Sysadmin- Fireman/Janitor

    Security Sysadmin(My job) - Policeman

    PC tech - repairman

    Security research - Detective

    Penetration testing/Hacker - CIA agent
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    Mathematician prostitute with a PhD in physics who specializes in submissive BDSM, and who gets her phone and purse routinely stolen by clients. Fortunately she built and hid a bomb in both.
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    @Root wtf!!.... that sounds to me quite hot imo
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    @1989 but then there was david de gea vs arsenal
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    Huh and here I thought we were kinda like gods. 🤔🤐
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    A chemist, bcz everyday is full with experiment or a miner, bcz we have to digg stckoverflow deeper if we had a bad situation. XD
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    Sometimes a doctor because you have people not fucking describing what the fuck is wrong with them, or in our case what the fuck they want on the project. And then later on complaining about how we didn't diagnose their fucking problem because of their lack of information in the first place.
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    A designer, musician, arquitect, etc.
    Any creative work suffers similar stuff, the main difference is the type of creative work
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    @brano88 @Alice some prostitutes earn thousands per hour.
    Do we earn that much?

    Just saying.
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    @CurseMeSlowly good point
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    @brano88 adopt me 😂
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