I proposed an introduction for a non-image feed, to separate the meme section and give quality rants a bigger chance of being seen.
Head over to https://github.com/devRant/devRant/... and give the issue a thumbs up (and possibly some additions) if you agree and would like to see something into that direction

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    this is a note to myself.
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    Will do, thanks for the link
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    personally I don't think its good as now we're probably getting rants sorted by cataglory
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    They can just put "Hide meme from feed" option like repost.

    Or easiest might be not showing any image on feed page and show attached image only when you read it.
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    Personally I would like to have the image upload feature removed once and for all.
    It would save the devRant hostig from some traffic and would give all those meme posts no ground.

    But as @dfox once said (more or less), in some situations a picture helps to give a textual rant more meaning and that we should stop trying to tell others what they can or cannot post.

    It's a controversial topic...
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    @PonySlaystation direct cut to the root 😁

    Yeah, I don't think image upload is the cause of meme uprising. This is a community and we all decide what lie ahead of us. Even without image upload, there can be shit ton of text posts that are neither rants nor story nor knowledgeable.

    I wrote about it very recently as well and found out that there are people enjoying specific meme content. All we should do is guide them not to disturb the rest. If we consider meme as kid's games, they should be able to enjoy at their kid corner. Just don't come and rub in front of us, geezers.
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    @CurseMeSlowly interesting point of view.
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