Just find it a good laugh

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    I'm a crackhead engineer. What does that mean? It means I code golf in native binary. And smoke crack. $0000 :> 744CF5CA B3AD5D21 : 1317C375 55CEE383 | tL....]!...uU...

    C4DCF516 2D8AADD9 : B172A046 EFB35B80 | ....-....r.F..[. STOP IT PATRICK YOU'RE GETTING HIGH ON MY SHIT.
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    @Liebranca I found your YouTube and I was disappointed at the lack of crack energy

    but I also understood nothing that was said or shown, so

    you do sound like crack in text tho, or it's plausible
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    @jestdotty I used to go all out and my shit got taken down for """hate speech""", so now I'm just boring. What, are you daring me to become Max Wright on camera? You would like that wouldn't cha. Should I get my alien friends on the phone?
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    That WAS scarry
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    @Liebranca damn YouTube really pulling things

    that's kind of strange. bet it was something innocuous. I'm shadowbanned but I can't for the life of me remember why I would be. it just happened out of nowhere and it took me years to figure out it had happened. I just thought they changed the comments algo or something
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