i'm happy to share with you, skyRant, a devRant client is now available in the playstore.

the real devRant app may have been removed from app stores. But devRant will never die!


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    It's a great app and I'm famous for being in the screenshots. It's a happii daii
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    Good app. Needs polishing and some ux touch, but I like it
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    @netikras thanks! i haven't worked on it a while, as i have gotten into an actual job:D. But this is a good time to publish it. Will try to edge out pesky bugs and make the design more pleasing.
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    @joewilliams007 I don't mean to sound like a needy bitch, but I am one, so there we go 😁

    I'd really like to see more feedback on invocations [e.g. button press could change colour temporarily or smth] so I'd know I've actually pressed it. And buttons could be more visually bounded so I'd know where to aim.

    ++ing a post doesn't automatically update the score. And it's a challenge to refresh a current page [dR app has pull-to-refresh].

    I'm a sucker for monospace, but I'm not sure it's the best choice for an app. Maybe it's a matter of getting used, idk, but it's not easy to read with wide spaces btwn chars and words.

    Logo -- did you get permission from @trogus/@dfox to use the logo?

    Latest, top, search, other sorting/filtering buttons could be hidden behind sort/filter icons, leaving more horiz space. Right-floating the + button then would make decent visual separation. And I'd make it look more important

    I really liked the snow animation though. And layouts :) nice.
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    @netikras thanks alot for the feedback! : ).
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    has the official app been removed? It would be so funny and cool if the platform outlived the app!
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    in truth, since DevRant++ subscriptions stopped working, dfox will almost certainly notice the uptick in server costs, but hope dies last.
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    @lorentz unless they are millionares already:). i actually can't imagine devRant costing that much.
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    @joewilliams007 It's probably not stupid expensive, but at one time they had a lot of traffic and I think they lost interest before the traffic dipped, so I expect there's a lot of expensive scaling infrastructure sitting on the lowest tier, not completely unused but not justifying its upkeep either.
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    Sad state of affairs, the app would be doing fine if it had more than zero input from the creators.

    I offered to upkeep and re-write the iOS and Android apps on a volunteer/experience basis, and dfox even accepted, but he never reached out any further to actually get me started.

    Their only source of money to recoup the cost of the app turned off about a month ago and they haven't fixed it.

    I know dfox has a big-time job and has no time/interest in running basically an off-the books subreddit, but it's still sad not even the minimum effort will be made for the community they've fostered
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    @AlgoRythm yes. i dont know why they didnt just pass it on at least. on a good note, the api is quite easy
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    I like the sorta unfinished-looking experience a lot, actually. Rough around the edges, but I really like it.

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    Why was devRant removed from stores?
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    @Elendil because you didn't pay for a subscription
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    @Elendil because the devs didnt mantain it anymore. Google removes apps, not targeting the new Android versions. (or due to other new app policies they introduce that apps have to follow)
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