Im ranting in progress of the issue so i dont get the urge to do any of the things not seem as acceptable to fix this issue.

Issue: yesterday i activated a device i havent had any (even prepaid) service on in years, and had a 'new'(to me) number assigned...

Today, after being sick so muting nuisances immediately for rest, i check, 3missed calls from the same, less spammy looking number. I havent use this number for even a txt code verification at all... aside from 1 call to comcast (for the blissful irony of seeing if its an option (they need to survey physically) since im suing my current isp who didnt take my VERY NICE and explictly required in their business t&c, refund for the issue's duration.. after months of tryjng to directly get a message (not using my not technically hacking expertise like just scrubbing for email formatting and popped up in their inbox (calling them is more frowned upon)...

Their conclusion as to "why" (they nvr solved the issue... dhcpv6 was in aggressive lease mode(no response per lease(NOT batches) of about 60 for about 20 devices which i ofc use my /28 static ipv4 block... not ipv6 (they also claimed there was no logs til i dug and found verbose, long history high/med high debug level logs in their prop. dev's gui... which they forced me to use, has 2 separate cores/stacks which is done for 1 reason only... constant simultaneous ipv4 and ipv6 (so ofc was auto enabled)...

Basically it was spamming do to a config issue with their scripts, and their WAN6 dev/script's config. Have found a single person who knows what ipv6 (or v4) or wan6 device actually means... their conclusion from multiple "specialist departments " ..."we dont support ipv6 so if u had issues caused by using something we dont support it's your fault... sooooo ludacris.

.... ok back to main point.
callback options
1 schedule a call back for "later"
2 dont schedule and hang up/try some other time
3. cancel callback and join the end of the cue(from previous message it told me a callback in 6-10m or lose your place in line and go to the end... hours later no call and they definitely have the number as it reiterated -.-
answer to wait in line>
experiencing extremely high wait time
>your current wait time 31-60m
2.5sec later.. let me connect you to a rep ...etc (identical as in callback options intro)
> your current wait time is 30sec
waiting nearly 25min whilst typing this.(i did make sweet potato stuff, propagated a rose, fed JSON some of his new, in closure buffet of things he previously never encounted and bought a literal ton of rubber mulch)40min to a rep 5more to solve (last guy at same position didnt know this option exited, despite me decribing it verbosely to him.

Everything the automated syst asks is about account numer... there is none ive never even had a burner that was at&t brand.


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    Are you originally Russian? You're activated now
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    @awesomeest “made sweet potato stuff, propagated a rose, fed JSON” reading this stuff I first thought hmmm what random tech stuff or tech slang is she using (what’s propagating a rose ) since you said JSON until I realized you were talking about your pet
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    @retoor no... i dont do well in cold or communism... also im autistic, overly logical, question everything including my own thoughts/sanity on a equal ground, highly intelligent, etc... id be a volatile risk for any brainwashing or indoctrination. Also, my genes are shit, im minus any valid use of 2 limbs and a uterus... i think all parties would agree, im a horrible candidate.

    That said, until last yr i had a spinal cord stimulator in... the type that cant go in an mri or xray machine... couple that with my amazing acting skills (since the whole autistic vibe was clearly troublesome growing up i got really good at faking shit... scary good) and how im an overweight, deceivingly adorable, handicapped female that know ±7 languages, how to build and/or hack about anything involving electricity or chemicals... id make a great terrorist.
    The only issue is there's nothing i actually care enough about for that... *sigh*
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